About US

“Founded in 2020, Jainar.net is not just a social media network; it’s a celebration of the Jain community. We are a dedicated platform exclusively designed for Jains around the world. Our mission is to unite Jains, fostering a digital space where members can interact, share, and keep our rich culture and traditions alive.

At Jainar.net, we believe in the power of connection. We understand the importance of community, the strength in shared beliefs, and the joy in shared celebrations. We’re more than just a social network; we’re a global family that cherishes the principles of Jainism.

Our platform is a testament to the resilience, wisdom, and spirit of the Jain community. It’s a space where you can share your thoughts, learn from others, and grow in your spiritual journey. Whether you’re looking to connect with old friends, make new ones, share your experiences, or learn more about our rich Jain heritage, Jainar.net is the place for you.

Every feature on Jainar.net is designed with you in mind. From our user-friendly interface to our diverse range of features, every aspect of our platform is tailored to enrich your experience and make you feel at home.

Join us today and become a part of our growing global community. Together, we can keep the flame of Jainism burning bright, share our unique culture with the world, and create a digital home for Jains everywhere. Welcome to Jainar.net – where Jains unite, and traditions thrive.”